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Walnut Restaurant Tables

Our contract grade, walnut restaurant tables are perfectly equipped to deal with the business of the hospitality industry. You can count on these well built commercial dining tables to impress your customers and also improve the style of your restaurant, bar or cafe.

They’re also ideal for hotels and other commercial properties, appealing to many establishments in the leisure and hospitality industry. Take a look at the range of walnut restaurant tables today and discover our amazing prices. We’re the leading supplier of restaurant grade commercial furniture and with good reason, we don’t hold back on quality and will always go above and beyond to ensure your restaurant is ready to impress with our furniture being the final touch.

Can’t find the perfect table? Don’t worry, our exclusive Mayfair Range and bespoke service offers a selection of unique commercial furniture that will definitely impress. Shop today and get in touch if you require any further help.

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  • Walnut Complete Samson 60cm Round Table

    Product Code: MAY0069
  • Walnut Complete Samson 60x50cm Table

    Product Code: MAY0691
  • Walnut Complete Samson 60cm Table

    Product Code: MAY0658
  • Walnut Complete Samson 2 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0033-Walnut

    Out of stock

  • Walnut Complete Samson 4 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0039-Walnut
  • Walnut Complete Mayfair Step 60cm Table

    Product Code: MAY0672
  • Walnut Complete Mayfair Step 2 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0046-Walnut

    Out of stock

  • Walnut Complete Mayfair Step 4 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0048-Walnut
  • Walnut Complete Square Continental 60cm Table

    Product Code: MAY0664
  • Walnut Complete Square Continental 2 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0663

    Out of stock

  • Walnut Complete Continental 4 Seater Table

    Product Code: MAY0667

11 Item(s)

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