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Used Wall Mounted Lighting

Ex Hotel & Restaurant furniture, high quality used furniture from hotels and restaurants at fraction of the cost of new.

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  • Brass Wall Lighting

    Product Code: MF1212
    Quantity: 2
  • Wall Lights

    Regular Price: £39.50

    Special Price £29.50

    Product Code: MF2995
    Quantity: 10
  • Wall-Mounted Lamps

    Product Code: MF1473
    Quantity: 40
  • Wall Lamp

    Product Code: MF2100
    Quantity: 2
  • Wall Mounted Hallway Lights

    Product Code: MF1899
    Quantity: 10
  • Twin Light Vintage Brass Wall Lights

    Product Code: MF1150
    Quantity: 4
  • Square Smoked Brass Hallway Lights

    Product Code: MF0918
    Quantity: 10
  • Real Brass Wall Mounted Lights

    Product Code: MF1658
    Quantity: 1
  • Gold Brass Smoked Hallway Lights

    Product Code: MF0916
    Quantity: 15
  • Chrome Wall Mounted Picture Lights

    Product Code: MF2438
    Quantity: 2
  • Chrome Wall Mounted Picture Lights

    Product Code: MF2440
    Quantity: 7
  • Brass Hallway Lights

    Product Code: MF0914
    Quantity: 5

    Out of stock

  • Brass Picture Light

    Product Code: MF2273
    Quantity: 12
  • Ex Hotel Pair of Beaumont & Fletcher Regency Ornamental Wall Lights

    Product Code: MF3185
    Quantity: 2

14 Item(s)

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