Bespoke Table Tops

Don't see the correct size you require? Look no further - Mayfair Furniture also provides high quality bespoke table tops for any and all situations.


Our easy to use tool will allow you to simply select your measurments and add to the basket.

You also have options to choose:

    • Material
    • Edging
    • Rounding off

All orders are retrospective to the needs of our clients; and as such has a lead time of only 2 - 4 weeks.

We aim to assist your journey every step of the way to ensure the highest satisfaction and to guarantee you are absolutely complacent with what you are getting.
Our professional team with years of experience are here to help and advise with any concerns that you may have.
The bespoke table tops is designed specifically to withstand the heavy use of the catering trade, leisure and hospitality industries.
Maintenance is as simple as cleaning with warm water, a clean rag or microfibre cloth, a soft sponge of soft brush. Use normal domestic cleaners or soaps. Dry the surface with a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towels.
Our bespoke tops are specified with the following:

• Heat Resistance up to 90°C
• Resistance to scratching to EN 14323
• ested to ISO 9001 Quality Standard
• Standard screws - bases can be attached directly to top using standard screws.
• FSC and PEFC Certified sourced materials
• Manufactured in the UK

Mayfair Furniture will always try oblige to the clients needs and if there is anything missing or lacking then you can also contact us to arrange a more direct and particular consultation.

Warranty for bespoke table tops are 12 months for damages and general ware and tare only. Intentional damage will not be covered.

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