Used Condition Rating


Items with a 5 star rating are in excellent condition with minimal signs of ware for their age, and have been barely used or have been completely refurbished by our expert refurbishment team.

Very Good

Items with a 4 star rating are in very good condition showing only a few signs of wear from use, and where possible our professional refurbishment team have given the item a light refurbishment.


Items with a 3 star rating are in good condition and showing some signs of wear from their use and their age that gives them a bit of charm, and an aged look.


Items with a 2 star rating are in a fair condition showing some noticeable signs of wear from use and their age, ideal if you’re looking for that aged look, or would benefit from a quality item that you want to refurbish.


Items with a 1 star rating would be ideal for those looking for something to restore or refurbish, with a solid foundation to work from the item could be restored to it’s former glory or creatively turned in to something completely new and unique.